As the professional forex web portal in China, provides the fastest and quickest information service, stable and practical software system,professional and overall training for users.
Our task is helping investor to realize information symmetry, letting more Chinese to know and participate in foreign exchange market.

Our vision is popularizing financial knowledge, training financial personals and transmitting financial information through unremitting hard work.
Our team is professional, which covering a large range of areas, including finance, economy, mathematics and physics, information technology, modern enterprise management, marketing, theory of Yi and Sinology. Our team is well versed in both ancient and modern learning. Our team is also modest, and having the spirit of teamwork. From above advantages, will become the best professional information service platform in China.
A company can't make a success all by itself, so we think the cooperation is the most important thing in our development.

Based on "Customer First, employees second, third shareholder" principle, we work with client to make a great coup and prosper together. Taking a long-term view is our promise to everyone. Please be assured that no matter now or in the future, we won't change our service theory for a short glory.
As a kind of media, the principles of fair, impartial and objective shall be regarded as the cornerstone. Independence and objective are our work standards. We won't change our factual platform purpose, thereby eliminating conflict of interests with brokerage firms, securities dealer and agent middleman. This ensures the independence, objectivity and completeness of our platform service.
We believe that we will be success in future if we make unremitting endeavor.